About Us


Our internationally known design studio located in Bangalore India, headed by Design Director who travels with the core design team across the world to formulate designs and color concepts. Our New York based design studio finalizes the design and colors for the North American Market where as the London based studio specializes to finalize the European taste. Designers Resource launches hundreds of exciting, cutting edge designs for every market we serve, to offer the best quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Corporate Vision Statement

We envisage ourselves to be one of the most valuable home textile companies in the world by being customer driven, employee centric and product focused. Our vision is to offer best-in-class textiles and made-ups for commercial and home applications, for every market segment and delivering to every geography.

Corporate Value Statement

We will do what is right for our customers, employees and the environment. We will conduct ourselves to the highest ethical standards and abide by the law of the lands that we operate in. We respect the trust our customers place in us. We will, strive to continuously improve our products and processes in order to offer the greatest value to our customers. We recognize that our ability to succeed depends on our ability to work as a team. For this we will offer a work environment that promotes trust and is conducive to business.


New York, USA: Corporate Office
Dubai, UAE: Ware house and Distribution center for Middle East and Eastern Europe.
Bangalore, India: Distribution center, Design and Product Development and Production Center.